The Covid-19 Workers Archive is a collection of short summaries and critical reflections of the policies taken in different countries to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that affect workers and the unemployed. We also collect information regarding the collective actions – strikes, protests, and mobilisations to demand better health and social protection and to fight for economic justice. If you want to add to the information in a specific country, to help with translation, or contribute with resources, please send us an email at The archive is also available in Bulgarian


Summaries of the measures taken by country:





Analysis and information on workers’ collective struggles for health, safety and socio-economic security

Addressing the Pandemic at Amazon: Open letter to Jeff Bezos and Stefano Perego 

Coronavirus: Scientific realities vs. economic fallacies

Global Struggles Against the COVID-19 regime – Early April 2020

LevFem on 1st May: The current crisis is not that new for Eastern European workers

My Home is a Nuthouse”. Remote Education and Care Work in Bulgaria in the Times of Coronavirus

Statement on the Transnational Initiative and the Coronavirus Crisis 

Struggle in a Pandemic: A Collection of Contributions on the COVID-19 Crisis 

The only frequent flyers left: migrant workers in the EU in times of Covid-19 

The suspension of Human rights during COVID-19: For Roma in Pata Rât they have been suspended for a very long time

Thousands of Americans to take part in biggest rent strike in decades

Transnational Feminist Manifesto to Emerge from the Pandemic Together and Change the System

When Normal is the Crisis: Bulgarian Nurses in Struggle in the Outbreak of COVID-19


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