Call for Papers for our 13th issue on the climate crisis and capitalism

[Версия на български]

Send us your texts for issue 13 of dVersia, which will focus on the connections between capitalism and climate crisis.

Our main focus is on climate change but we would like to look into related environmental questions such as:

  • How does capitalism influence or impact climate change and the destruction of the environment, on a global and national level alike?
  • How has environmental thought unfolded within socialist thought? 
  • How do different types of political economy affect the environment?
  • What protest and activist movements aimed at countering capitalism’s footprint are most relevant today? What are the intersections of their struggle with class struggle, as well as with feminist and antiracist struggles?
  • How do left political theory and practice relate to the global and local in the context of environmental problems?
  • How do eco-movements pose the question of the future and what visions of it come in a conflict today? How is the trope of an ‘end of the world’ and an absence of alternative portrayed in popular culture?
  • How can we explain the current significant rise of green political parties on the European political scene?
  • Is ‘green capitalism’ possible and what criticisms can be made against it?

We would especially appreciate receiving texts on the following topics: Anthropocene and capital; ecological struggles in different countries; nature preservation projects and increase of well-being; inequal access to natural resources; waste management; climate and migration; intersection between nationalism and nature protection as the privilege of a few.

The requirements for the texts are:

  • It has to be an original author’s piece;
  • Not published before;
  • Related to the topic of the issue;
  • No hate speech;
  • Needs to contain the name of the author, a title and, where needed, a bibliography;
  • Between 500 and 5,000 words;
  • No plagiarism; if citations are included, the author and the title must be properly listed;
  • If possible, provide several related images and indicate their sources and credits.

We recommend that you send us your ideas as soon as possible. After discussing if they fit our issue, we will send you a writing style guide before finishing your article. The deadline for submitting the final texts to info@dversia.net is the 30th November. The editors will go through the texts and the edited versions will be coordinated with the authors. 

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