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The Struggle and the City. Introduction to dVERSIA’s 6th issue

Introduction to dVERSIA's sixth issue, published in Bulgarian in October 2016. Text by guest editors Jana Tsoneva and Pavel Yanchev.

Liberalisation or Democratisation of Urban Activism

An article by Georgi Medarov from dVERSIA's sixth issue in which he investigates cases of citizen activism in Bulgaria in relation to urban planning and gentrification.

‘Change is good for everyone!’. On the history of Varna’s ...

An article by Petar Dobrev from dVERSIA's sixth issue dealing with the history of Varna's Sea Baths and their most recent refurbishment.

Primitive Accumulation of Capital: A Case of the City of ...

An article from dVERSIA's sixth issue by Bozhin Traykov, offering a reading of Marx's concept of primitive accumulation by departing from the case study of the Bulgarian city of Varna.

The (Im)Possible walking in Sofia

Silvia Chakarova on the challenges of creating a walkable city: the case-study of Sofia.

My City Is Not Yours, Let Me Be (Build) On ...

An article from dVERSIA's sixth issue by Rositsa Kratunkova, in which she examines different segregational and discriminatory practices against ethnic Romas in Bulgaria.

In the Threshold of the Semi-actual: The Economic Migrant ...

An article by Raia Apostolova for dVERSIA's sixth issue, in which she offers a critical reappraisal of categories such as 'refugee' and 'economic migrant' and focuses especially on temporary accommodation facilities for foreigners in Bulgaria.

Гражданството и ЕС: Противоречие на форма и съдържание

Божин Трайков за противоречието, което се съдържа в Еропейския съюз по отношение на идеята за демократично гражданство и конкретните политики на неговите институции.